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Custom Story


We tattoo your story on the guitar we build for you. Life experiences, dreams, achievements, abstractions, anything you want your guitar to represent and that makes it so unique for you.


Our Artist: Eric Cheung


Eric is an illustrator and designer who works in partnership with Story Guitars. His interest in finely detailed textile/pattern paintings stems from his architectural and industrial design background. Eric is especially intrigued and inspired by how, a well considered surface treatment can create a unique, custom object from the most ordinary of circumstances.


Only certified and/or legally imported woods as well as high quality parts are used in the building process. The Custom Story experience allows you to gather in one project all the parts you have always dreamed about. If you need help to select your parts you can count with our extensive experience to guide you through this enjoyable process.




Off-the-Shelf Story


If sharing your stories is not your thing choose from a handful of brand new unique guitars ready to have a new home. Avoid the waiting time of a custom project and still enjoy owing a high quality one-of-a-kind guitar with unique abstract painting or natural wood grain figure.






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