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Most recent project - Julia's Dream

This is my most recent project Julia's Dream named after my daughter as I indulged myself to build this guitar for me. It features an exotic Mexican Ziricote top and African Mohogany body. The inlay art on the ebony fretboard is inspired by Banksy's "Girl with balloon" and cut out of mother-of-pearl blanks with a jewelers saw by hand. By far the most challenging step.

I chose the amazing Tom Anderson humbuckers as pickups for this project which I soldered with split configuration in positions 2 and 4 of the superswitch. These pickups split amazingly well.

I applied and buffed the finishing by hand. It took me about 7 layers of Tru Oil, 4 layers of wax and lots of effort to get to this high gloss shine.

The next posts will be dedicated to this project as I will show pictures taken during the building process.

Stay tuned !


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